What is investment mining?

Investment mining provides a distinct edge in a dynamically intrinsic sector. It assists investors by aligning them with experts in the industry such as Mkhize Mining Investments.

About the Executive Chairman

Muzi Mkhize has a wealth of executive knowledge and a trusted business figure in the South African entrepreneur and investment sectors. He demonstrated this after being appointed Crisis Manager for the All Africa Games in South Africa in 1999.In addition to this, among his accolades includes a SAB Kickstart in Business Support win 2005.

About the company and what we are mining

In South Africa Mkhize Mining Investments interests have primarily been sourced from mining iron ore, chrome ore, coal and manganize. We are constantly expanding through this ever-growing market.

Iron ore

At Mkhize Mining Investments we understand that iron ore mining is integral to the global economy more than any other commodity, save oiling.

Chrome ore

Valuable as an alloy in its production of a variety of stainless steel items and tool steels. A delicate but rewarding process where deposits are mined by both underground and surface techniques

Coal Ore

The world would stop without coal mining and we understand the value and intricacies of keeping the wheels of this energy producing element turning.

Manganese Ore

South Africa currently accounts for about 75% of the world’s identified manganese resources. We understand the demand and are dedicated to bringing you closer to this essential resource.


Mkhize Mining Investments understands that petroleum is vital to many industries. It is estimated at the world consumes approximately 90 billion barrels per day.

Become part of a world where investment goes further than opportunity, and profit yields growth

Why Us?

Our experience, location and on the ground knowledge will give you an added advantage – whether you are a prospective foreign investor or local enterprise hoping to advance your current mining industry endevours.

Technology in Mining
Mining Rights
Mining Engineering
Quality Assurances

Mkhize’s Mining Investment provides a distinct advantage for investors and clients with holding much coveted minerals rights from the Department of Minerals and Resources.

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