If you’re looking for:




*Good Pay

*Great Opportunity


Your Tools:State-of-the-art technology, robotics, remote-controlled equipment

Your Rewards:High salaries, career advancement, travel

Your Motivation:Dynamic work environment, teamwork, stability

Why consider a career in mining? For starters, the stability of the industry is a strong incentive. Unlike the hard economic times currently troubling other industries, the Canadian mining industry is experiencing rapid growth and prosperity. This means tremendous career opportunities within the industry in all aspects of exploration, development, operations, and site reclamation.

In fact, the South African mining industry is forecasting the need for thousands of additional workers each year up. Be part of a progressive, dynamic industry. A career in mining has many benefits. Here are a few:

*One of the highest paying industrial sectors in the country

*A technologically advanced industry that welcomes highly skilled workers

*A major player in the world’s economy and a leader on the world stage

*An enviable safety record that is second to none among heavy industries in South Africa

*A strong commitment to sustainable development practices that protect the natural environment and respond to the needs of local communities

What are some of the things you could be in mining?

South African mining activity has created many career opportunities across the country both directly in the sector and in industries that support the mining sector. The mining industry currently employs hundreds of thousands of South Africans in mineral extraction, engineering, project management and a number of other career paths. Rapid growth in South Africa’s mining industry in recent years has led a large demand for more workers. Thousands of additional workers will be needed each year by mining employers to meet anticipated production targets for years to come creating many new and exciting careers in the industry. A career in mining is rewarding, challenging and high paying. Offering a dynamic work environment, state of the art equipment and technology, travel and advancement, mining employment opportunities are worth exploring.

Some of the positions you can occupy include Project Manager

Here you find yourself in a direct leadership position. The mining industry demands sub-projects that are often led by teams of experts. As a project manager, you would lead this team with your expert knowledge and experience into the outcome required for optimal mining output.

You could also explore becoming a miner

A miner is a person who extracts ore, coal, or other minerals from the earth through mining. There have been miners since people first began mining. In regions with a long mining tradition, many communities have developed cultural traditions and aspects specific to the various regions, in the forms of particular equipment, symbolism, music, and the like. There isn’t a job quite as hands on and satisfying.

How about mining engineer?

Mining engineers are in charge of planning, designing, organizing and supervising the development of mines and much of the related facilities, equipment and infrastructure. They are hired by mining companies to prepare for the extraction of minerals, coal or metals from underground or open-pit mines.

Health and safety officer

Work place health and safety officers are like private cops who look for legal infractions of the safety code. They give citations for violations, be they against employer or employee, prepares a case, and gives testimony in court to get convictions so as to make workplace conduct safer.


Metallurgists work at mineral processing sites and may specialise in either primary (extractive) or secondary (physical) metallurgy. Primary metallurgists are most often employed by the minerals industry and they may perform the following tasks:

*Study and apply physical methods for separating minerals from their ores

using magnetic, electric, gravity or chemical methods;

*Apply methods for extracting commercial quantities of minerals from their


*Supervise sampling from various stages of processing

Mining supervisor

A supervisor is involved in preparation, testing and documentation of site working instructions or equivalent. They also assist in application of safety and health investigative processes at the operational level, including the identification and collection of evidence, the analysis of evidence to identify the reasons for and results of the occurrence or situations.  They also make presentations and participating in operational level negotiations.

Mining surveyor

A mine surveyor is a professional engineer and architect who manages the design and future plans for a mining site. These professionals tend to come from varied educational backgrounds, and may work as independent consultants or with a mining operation. A mine surveyor has a tremendous responsibility to ensure the safety of a mine for workers through accurate assessment and careful management.


A career in mining – explore the possibilities.