Iron Ore

South Africa’s position as the number three supplier of iron-ore to China underscores the vital value of iron-ore deposits in the country and its importance as a significant iron-ore contributor worldwide.

Chrome Ore 

World resources are estimated to be greater than 12 billion tons of shipping-grade chromite, sufficient to meet demand for centuries. In the region of 95% of the world’s chromium resources are concentrated in Southern Africa and Kazakhstan.

Coal Ore 

According to the 2010 BP Statistical Energy Survey, South Africa had end 2009 coal reserves of 30408 million tonnes, 3.68% of the world total. South Africa has Africa’s only significant coal reserves.

Manganese Ore

South Africa currently accounts for about 75% of the world’s identified manganese resources. These mostly occur near Hotazel in the Northern Cape Province.

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At Mkhize Mining Investments you get expert guidance so you are never left behind in the ever growing mining sector.

With us you will find professionalism is our highest priority. Not only are we up to date with current market strategies and concepts, but we also have an in-depth knowledge of the South African sphere of mining.

Mkhize Mining Investments prides itself with knowledge of and close relationships with government and local communities.

You will find no better line of communication, advice and direct contact with key players in the mining industry. Trust us, we are on the ground and up to date.

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    At Mkhize Mining Investments we are serious about having an open line of communication with the people you have to deal with. We have long standing relationships with government and local communities. Trust us to keep you connected.

  • Know your investment

    Our team are not only efficient and professional, but we also have a vast knowledge of the mining industry in South Africa. Our leader, Muzi Mkhize is a Soweto born South African who has surrounded himself with fellow experts.

  • Growth strategy

    We have developed this in three main spheres. MMIH often commences as a purely financial investor seeking opportunities for capital formation and cash generation. It gradually acquires operating skills with a view to achieving significant influence in selected businesses. It acquires equity and operational control of entities that are regarded as long term core investments.

  • Committment

    The Mkhize Mining Investment Holding broad-based ownership demonstrates its commitment to empowerment and transformation. Our Vision for  The Mkhize Mining Investment Holding was to create a business owned by black africans that would benefit black africans and that is the goal that defines everything we do.

  • Social Responsiblity

    We are just as proactive with profit making as we are about uplifting and skill transference. The underpriviledged and previously disadvantaged are always on our radar and we insist on enabling them to grow. Business with Mkhize Mining Investment ensures profits on all levels.