About our Chairman – MMIH

Mr M Mkhize

The founder and executive chairman has a 20 year career spanning IT, construction, and facilities management and mining sectors. He has a business management qualification from Damelin a College and is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE). He also a possesses a diploma in Facilities Management. He started his career with IBM as a networking and server manager with key responsibilities for the City of Johannesburg’s Novell and Lotus notes server infrastructure environments. After completing his stint with IBM he went on to run his own construction company which handled renovation and improvements to building facilities, sports and recreational facilities. He also owned several business interests. He later joined EY to successfully manage the organization’s entire facility infrastructure nationally. Upon completing his stint, the lure of the mining industry and opportunity to make a significant socio-economic made him establish Mkhize Mining Investments with specific emphasis being placed on the Bushveld mining complex in Limpopo.

Muzi Mkhize has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is a trusted business person in the South African entrepreneurial and investment sectors. In addition to this,he has won an SAB Kick – Start in Business Support award in 2005

MMIH And the Petroleum Industry

• MMIH Petroleum, a black owned private company operates as a Petroleum Products Wholesaler.The company is engaged in the marketing and sales of liquid fuels processed from imported crude oil and synthetic fuels as produced locally by SASOL ; PETROSA ; ENGEN ; TOTAL to licensed wholesale traders.

• We have a thorough understanding of the South African fuels market and the legislation which governs trade in this area. Our marketing and sales strategy is designed to operate within the prescriptions of the current legislation and to capitalize on the opportunities afforded therein.

• MMIH Petroleum is preparing to launch itself as a branded liquid fuel provider in local and international markets. In accordance with the statutory  requirements for the industry the company is in the process of acquiring a wholesale license, and complying with all the South African Revenue Service requirements.

• The company has been able to secure supply, pending approval of the license application, at very good prices. This puts MMIH Petroleum in an     advantageous position to compete effectively because our pricing is at par with the petroleum manufacturers and large branded suppliers.

• We have invested a large portion of our current resources into the research and planning of an effective and efficient marketing system. In so doing we  have devised methods of reducing costs, ensuring competitive prices, achieving market share targets and ensuring a degree of profitability within the  first year.

What are Primary Objectives

•To build a truly Black Empowered fuel company that is service orientated and able to deliver the same petroleum products as supplied and delivered by the other dominant fuel companies, in the Southern African Development Community. (SADC)

• To occupy and emerging niche in the oil and petroleum industry as directed by “The Charter for the South African Petroleum & Liquid Fuels Industry on Empowering Historically Disadvantaged South Africans in the Petroleum & liquid Fuels Industry”, as promulgated and supported by the Department of energy Charter Act.

• To bring true value to the customer and meet the customer needs.

How will MMIH shape it’s success ?

•Our key to success in the targeted petroleum market will be derived from effective market segmentation and the effectiveness of our marketing strategies.

• We have excellent relationships with several wholesale companies. This ensures good supply.

• Strong focus on branding and building a connection between customer satisfaction and the company brand.

• Quality assurance – all petroleum products have SABS approval.

• MMIH Petroleum has established relationships with suppliers, These suppliers can provided large volumes ensuring that MMIH Petroleum benefits from the volume discounts.